How do you pronounce Bubble Entendre?
I get this question a lot! It's definitely not
Instead, it is pronounced Bubble AWN-TUN-DRUH
which is a play on the French phrase "double entendre"
which translates
to "double meaning."


How long does shipping take?
I use priority shipping through USPS. Processing times take
between 2-7 business days depending on the size of 
your order. Then, after I package it with love and
drop it off to USPS, the priority mail should get to you in about
2-3 business days.
Please expect some delays due to COVID-19. 


Um... Why is Spill the Tea turning brown?
No worries at all! In this soap bar, when the green tea
is in contact with the air, it oxidizes and turns brown.
This does not mean that your soap has spoiled or gone bad at
all. In fact, it further proves that this is an all natural product!
It is still safe to use on the body and face. 


How long will my product last?
This is a complicated question. It definitely depends on
how often and long you use the product in addition to 
how much of the product is used at a time.
These products have a natural preservative to ensure that
when it comes into contact with water, no microbes start to grow.
So, it could last up to a year!
For the scrubs specifically, if you use it once a day for 3 times a
week, many of my Bubble Babes have had their products last
about 2-3 months.
Again, it just depends!


Do you offer local pickup?
Not at the moment. 
I believe it will be much safer only to offer
shipping at this time.